Happy Halloween!!!

Dear blog… I have been cheating on you with pintrest, but it just keeps my attention and stimulates my creative side. I am truly tired of looking at you (blog) and I am about to revamp you completely. I will give you some attention. I promise. But in the mean time, enjoy these free halloween printables for your party!



Halloween Monograms

Source: None via Tiffany on Pinterest


Glitter Shoes...

What can I say I am a sucker for Glitter anything…. Check out tonight’s creations. Just mail me a pair of your shoes, and I will glitter them for you in any color your heart desires. And send em back. Contact me for pricing….

xoxoxo love u.


Ring’s on her fingers and bells on her toes…

One day I hope to own a beautiful ring like this.. It makes me smile just looking at it….


One for One

The TOMS team (known for comfortable, unisex shoes that give one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair purchased, announced a new One for One initiative just now: sunglasses!

For every pair of sunglasses purchased TOMS will help give sight to people in need through medical treatment, prescription eyeglasses, and sight-saving surgery. The sunglasses come in a wide array of styles, from a Jackie O style to a more unisex pair that you see above. We’ll keep you updated, but TOMS says in just a few hours, you’ll be able to pick up a pair for yourself (and help a person in need) at Nordstrom.

The sunglasses are so great and the website has a virtual try on that allows you to upload your own photo and place all of the styles on your photo so you can see what you will look like!


And so it begins…

LOVE is all around… This Valentines month!


Happpy Valentines Day!

I Decided to forego the store bought generic valentines for Van this year. So I found these adorable mini retro valentines and I printed them on heavy cardstock we cut them out and personalized the backs of them. Van is giving goody bags filled with skittles, dinosaurs, silly bands, heart lolly pops and play doh! Click the link below to download your free mini valentines file!

FREE download & print: Valentines.


Happy Thanksgiving!

This makes me happy! I just made it for Thanksgiving and can’t wait to make it again for Christmas Dinner!

Here is the Recipe….


Precious Life…

Today was a real wake up call for me, sometimes you just have those days and I think they are necessary. Life is so precious, and we need to look around at what we are blessed with and be thankful each day. Today I was making a left on a street and all of the sudden a car showed up. I looked but our car has a blind spot and I didn’t see the car coming. I thanked my lucky stars and God and thought that would be it for the day.

We get home and do our normal routine, but things are hectic and Van need to be let loose to roam and play. SO he gets on his bike and I strap baby into my sling and we are off to the end of the driveway but Van doesn’t stop he rides right into the road and there is a mini van heading straight towards him. I yell and panic, my whole life flashed before me. The car slams on their breaks, and I bend down to tell him that we are not going to the park and mommy is having a heart attack… He cried about not going to the playground, but I need to instill in him the importance of safety and looking both ways before riding into the street. It’s so important being safe, taking care of ourselves, and watching over our children. I was right next to him when this went down… He is my love my light and the mere thought of anything happening to him makes me sick. I will protect him with all I have and all I am. when he cries in the night I want to wrap my arms around him and tell him his bad dreams are only his imagination and they will go away.

I know I am not in control of his life or Jet’s for that matter and things may come that we will have to deal with but that part is hard for me to grasp. It is God’s will and I need to give up the control to him.

Today a 3 x world champion passed away, someone I met when I worked in the surf industry and someone my husband looked up to with great admiration. Andy Irons you will be missed. This life is precious, tomorrow could be your last day. Make today count, and don’t forget to show everyone in your life how much you truly love them. God Speed Andy!


Jewelry With A Modern Twist

Today the fed ex man dropped off a sweet little package from one of my most favorite people -Lori Epner of CLEEO COLLECTION. She crafted a custom bracelet from her knaughty collection for me that she hand crocheted using nylon string from Germany with silver seed beads, with a sterling silver J & V for my boys! It’s so beautiful!

Here is a little info on her cute company and how it all started!

Inspired by many aspects of my life; fashion, photography, my family & friends, a love of vintage and classic glamour, an obsession for jewelry and all things sparkling…“C” represents Cece (my great aunt), “LEE” are my initials and “O” is the emotional reaction of a woman, responding to something she adores, upon seeing it for the first time.

This summer 2010 “Knaughty” Collection was inspired by all the fun, balmy summer nights of the past- growing up in FL, the weather was always warm…
Some of my best friends through high school and college and even currently have shared many laughs, gossiping about moment’s from summers past.

The name Knaughty is a play on words with knot and naughty- each bracelet reminded me of a special friend and a particular funny moment I had shared with them.  I still have many girlfriends clamoring for a namesake bracelet!

Each one has something unique about it- some have sterling silver, rose gold or gold vermeil charms. I made an initial bracelet for a friend as a baby gift and then all the mom’s requested one with their children’s initials on them.  It’s a cute keepsake and something you can wear everyday. On this particular style I let them (the moms) pick their color cord and beads- all initials are sterling silver in 2 sizes and all the findings; clasp, crimps and CLEEO tag are also sterling silver.
The Knaughty Cleeo initial bracelet (1-2 initials) is $70.  I love mixing it with some of the CLEEO stretchy bracelets or even another Knaughty style for some “bling”!
But I tell all my clients- it’s really up to you to decide how to layer and mix it with your own jewelry- just know that “more is always more” with jewelry!

Check out her store and her site to see more of her fabulous creations, hurry they are going fast!