A Photo Scrapbook


I love Ben Watts work! I wish I had gotten a chance to work with him in the past but I still admire his eye… Check out his new book. Lickshot. I know a little place where you can buy a copy signed by Ben also.

The penguin shines across the loving hydrogen.


lead toys from Fisher Price..

Fisher-Price Recalls Licensed Character Toys Due To Lead Poisoning Hazard WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firms named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

Name of Product: Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, and other children’s toys

click here to see the rest of the list of toys.

Units: About 967,000

Importer: Fisher-Price Inc., of East Aurora, N.Y.

Hazard: Surface paints on the toys could contain excessive levels of lead. Lead is toxic if ingested by young children and can cause adverse health effects.

Incidents/Injuries: None reported.

Description: The recalled involves various figures and toys that were manufactured between April 19, 2007 and July 6, 2007 and were sold alone or as part of sets. The model names and product numbers for the recalled toys, which are all marked with “Fisher-Price,” are listed below. The toys may have a date code between 109-7LF and 187-7LF marked on the product or packaging.

Sold at: Retail stores nationwide from May 2007 through August 2007 for between $5 and $40.

Manufactured in: China

Remedy: Consumers should immediately take the recalled toys away from children and contact Fisher-Price. Consumers will need to return the product and will receive a voucher for a replacement toy of the consumer’s choice (up to the value of the returned product).

Consumer Contact: For additional information contact Fisher-Price at (800) 916-4498 anytime or visit the firm’s Web site at


Design on a dime…

I was checking out Wal-Marts new line of baby stuff baby mod and I found these for only $39 on clearance. They have great modern furniture that looks similar to the Ouef crib that Van has.

  • Set includes comforter, bumper, fitted sheet, and bed skirt.
  • Fabric: 100% cotton, 180 thread count

I have to say I am loving simple modern design in interiors lately. I found this great article about interior design on a budget and thought I would share it with you! I love what they have done with each room and I am stealing some ideas for my house.
These are too cute and they play chimes when you rock em . $7.50
Check out their website where you can purchase them.



Van got his Rody from Mimi while she was in town and he really has fun on it, he is a little young for it right now, so I assist him when he rides on it usually. Once he is big enough to jump on I probably wont have to help him anymore.

I feel a little scattered today, thinking about going back to work after a year of being home with Van makes my stomach tie into knots. I got all teary eyed today when I was feeding him his lunch. I think he knew how I was feeling because he just looked at me and smiled. It is time for us to get things back on track. However something that keeps manifesting itself is that positivity breeds more positivity. I went out on Saturday night with some friends and we had a big talk about being positive and letting go of things that continue to eat away at your core. I am feeling fluid and trying to move forward in the right direction. I know I can do it, it is just a hard step to take. Probably the hardest place I have found myself ever. I will let the positivity prevail and continue to thank God for the blessings I do have, my husband my son, faith, hope, love, health, a roof, a warm bed & a family who loves beyond words.


Music to my ears!

My sweet friend Jen
emailed me these awesome rockabye cd’s and thought it would be a good blog post, I agree! I have seen these cd’s. I find myself listening to baby einstein and other nursery rhymes in the car latley, and most of the time I want to turn it off but Van loves to dance and move his arms around to anything playing on the radio. These entertain the kiddies and they are favorite songs that we the momma and pappas like to hear too. What a great idea!

Van jaming in the car to tunes, and showing you how big!


Love it, need it, got to have it!

I saw this rody horse today at a friends house and fell in love, I mean Van saw it and fell in love… I think I heard him say he wanted it for his birthday too.


toys "not" made in china

So yesterday I decided that I am not going to buy Van another toy that has been made in China, after seeing recall after recall I started looking up some of the toys that he got for Christmas to see if they contained toxins or lead. I found a couple good websites that have toys listed by brand or the country it is made in, so you can see if a certain toy is dangerous for your baby. If I can control what toys he plays with, I should be educated enough to know if they are harmful or not! Right?

Here is one toy he got for Christmas, and the materials it consists of. I found out there is arsenic in the handle of the book and chlorine on the plastic pages.
It is such a cute book with all of his family members in it and I know he likes it, maybe I will transfer the photos to a natural fabric book.

This website above oompa is great, they are concerned about what toys are made with and only supply healthy toys that are made in Europe or the US. I love everything on their site!


Santa Came Early This Year!

We got Van a play mat that looked good in the house & he really likes it, so much he pulls it apart and uses it to chew on. One of his front teeth is coming in and it is really hard on him lately!
He always has his tongue out now too! I ordered this play mat for his Christmas gift and Conner and I took him to babies r us and bought him some new toys… He still loves the wooden coasters and the cardboard boxes, oh and my cell phone is the best.

This play mat eye candy, and he likes to crawl around on it too. Every time you buy a Skip Hop product, a percentage of the profits are given to a number of organizations. In particular, a portion of your purchase goes towards supporting the Pediatric Aids Foundation and The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund . Not only are they helping out, but their designers are great. The products, the packaging, their logo. It’s something I love to see. A company that does it all right!!!

I have been learning a lot from my little blue eyed boy lately….
We work hard … and forget to relax. We need to learn to let go. Fortunately, there are small blessings in life that help to bring out the inner child in us. Children help us to let go and enjoy the day rather than endure it. They teach us to relax. They teach us to play.

While we all have goals and responsibilities, we should never forget that children are precious. They see things in a different light. Their curiosity makes them ask questions that may seem very simple to us, but enhance their very lives once they have the answers. We should learn to be like that. We should enrich our lives with questions that are bigger than ourselves. We should seek the answers with a childlike curiosity and spend more time observing the world rather than criticizing it.

Happy Holidays from us to you!!!


Be Kind

First moments with Santa!

I got an email from a friend today with this quote at the bottom, and it made me think for a minute how true this is.
“Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.”
I was thinking we all have something we are dealing with, some people put on a happy face and never let you in to the realities of their life, that only inhibits you from creating a stronger relationship with them. Everyone is fighting some kind of battle, so why not be open and share them with others so you can get their feedback, grow a relationship by trusting in someone and vent all at the same time!

Everything is not perfect nor will it ever be, but being open and honest about life and it’s little bumps along the way is completely normal. I am going to make sure I tell Van this from now on too! Even though he is a little dude he should feel free to be open and honest with his friends and loved ones. That is what they are there for, right?

On a side note I am getting obsessed with organic food, almost everything in my refrigerator is organic, and I don’t feed Van anything that is not organic. Feeding him has been interesting lately, I mean how do you know when he is full, it’s not like he has a little flag that goes up or a thermometer that pops out. He just keeps eating and eating. So I guess I should just know this stuff, but it is really all new and something new to learn everyday!

We just bought him a new stacking toy by tiny love and it is really great he loves to play with the little colorful balls and shake the rattle, when you drop the ball inside of the tube the chicken makes all of this noise and Van gets a big smile.
I love all of their toys especially this follow me FRED,
An adorable self-rolling puppy that engages baby and encourages him to crawl. Follow-Me Fred features a multi-directional, accordion-shaped body that can be set to move in a straight line as well as in a circular motion. Speed control and colorful buttons trigger music and cheerful doggie sounds.