Portraits of a one year old

I took Van to a portrait studio today to do some photos of him, I prefer the more photo journalistic approach but these are something I could never do myself. He is almost one and I thought since I haven’t had any taken of him yet now was a good time. Not ones I would frame and hang on the wall however. I did find this one of Conner when he was a little one and it was fun comparing how similar they look!

I don’t have a little girl yet but I love to think about what she will look like and things I will dress her in! I do love the Sophie & Lili Collection and they are having a huge tag sale, check it out! Also Ouef is having their first ever sale all clothing is 70% off.


Healthy O’s & toys

So today when I was in the pantry I decided to read the ingredients of the trader joes cheerios that I give to my Van. I just read the ingredients on everything that I feed to my family so this is normal for me. I found an ingredient that I had never heard of (trisodium phosphate), so I looked it up and here is what I found.
An ionic salt used as a thickener/emulsifier for foods, as well as common uses as a degreaser, detergent, and laxative. It is a chemical that can peel wallpaper off of a wall & they sell it at hardware stores. I know the entire world and then some feed their children cheerios but I found a cereal that actually tastes better, is in the same price range and is all organic, healthy times teddy puffs
To read more about ingredients you should not consume click here.

Here are some of my favorite green companies offering eco-friendly & health-friendly toys, I feel it is important to check up on everything we give our kids to play with. It may save their life. I am just uber conscious and almost annoying about it. I love this peace baby block set.



Van got his Rody from Mimi while she was in town and he really has fun on it, he is a little young for it right now, so I assist him when he rides on it usually. Once he is big enough to jump on I probably wont have to help him anymore.

I feel a little scattered today, thinking about going back to work after a year of being home with Van makes my stomach tie into knots. I got all teary eyed today when I was feeding him his lunch. I think he knew how I was feeling because he just looked at me and smiled. It is time for us to get things back on track. However something that keeps manifesting itself is that positivity breeds more positivity. I went out on Saturday night with some friends and we had a big talk about being positive and letting go of things that continue to eat away at your core. I am feeling fluid and trying to move forward in the right direction. I know I can do it, it is just a hard step to take. Probably the hardest place I have found myself ever. I will let the positivity prevail and continue to thank God for the blessings I do have, my husband my son, faith, hope, love, health, a roof, a warm bed & a family who loves beyond words.


Home Is Where the Heart Is

Wow. It was a long week without the Internet, but I have to say it was kind of nice to be without it.
It was a little break away from the computer, and a time to think and ponder about all of the things I have to say to anyone who reads my thoughts.
At first it may seem that by taking a break we may not be as productive as we would initially like. In reality, a healthy period of rest is something that gives us a real sense of the unlimited nature of our true potential.

We had the best time in Virginia Beach. It’s funny we have so many places that we call home. It’s kind of nice to know we have more than one home. I am so thankful this Thanksgiving for all that I have. The thing to remember about the world, though, is that it ebbs and flows, expands and contracts, gives and takes, and is by its very nature somewhat unreliable. If we only feel gratitude when it serves our desires, this is not true thankfulness. No one is exempt from the twists and turns of fate, which may, at any time, take the possessions, situations, and people we love away from us. Ironically, it is sometimes this kind of loss that awakens us to a thankfulness that goes deeper than just being grateful when things go our way. I read that somewhere and I thought it was very profound. Conner’s parents are such an amazing support to us and we are truly so thankful for their love and support. When we got home last night I was rocking Van in his room holding him so close to my heart and thinking that this place is what he calls home right now. I feel so happy when he is right next to my heart.

This year has not been the easiest on us, but I can say that it has been the most life changing, and moving year of my life. I have grown in ways I never knew I could grow and I have let other selfish ways go. Today is about giving, and about raising a son, loving my husband and making sure their needs are met. I do need to have some fun too and I do that. But my heart is truly filled when I am doing things for others. It’s weird how that works isn’t it?


Baby Kisses

Adorable, Van and Kelton at the beach this past weekend! They had a little play date.

I made several neck tie onesies, I will upload a picture of what they look like. I put one on Van today and did a little shoot!
I got a great reminder today from my daily om emails “a matter of priorities” it reminded me to keep things in perspective and not get wrapped up in the little things that don’t matter. Today I needed that reminder as Van’s first tooth showed up, I was not feeling well, and Lola needed to be rushed to the pet hospital because of female issues that I wont go into! I was up a lot last night with Van since he was cutting teeth. I am a different person when I don’t have enough sleep, somehow I think the world is ending and I am a complete wreck. Needless to say “That which doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. ” It also makes you look older too!!

I wanted to share a blog I love to read Cool mom picks!
Check it out when you have a free moment!

Thanks for being a supporter of this blog, I appreciate it!


Uncle Mike is Home From Iraq

Well Van’s Uncle came home from Iraq last Friday. He was the Commanding Officer of his unit (about 110 men) & truly a hero in our eyes! He deployed for Iraq a few weeks after Van was born.

This is Uncle Mike holding Van right before he left. It was so amazing watching them come home, marching almost in silence down the road from where they dropped off their weapons.

Coming home to their loved one’s and Mike following them up from behind. They marched right up to the crowd and stood at attention until Mike dismissed them, and then I was in a sea of people searching for their men that just came home after seven months of fighting.

I felt the adrenaline rushing through my veins and the energy was so thick in the air you could almost see it. As I walked through the crowd looking for Mike, I had to snap some photos of these people reuniting with such energy and love. It was truly a release of emotions for everyone who was there, their is always a level of uncertainty that comes along with having someone you love

deployed. But once you see them again and give them that long awaited hug and kiss the emotions all come pouring out. I think a couple of these guys had not yet met their babies that had been born while they were gone!

I have been procrastinating about writing this post because I was fearful I could not paint the picture that I saw the right way. But I went for it and here it is, certainly an experience I will never forget.
Thank you Uncle Mike for protecting our family & our country you are a hero to us all.