Harajuku for Target by Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani has created music, women’s clothing, perfume, clothes for young adults and she’s a mom of two adorable little hipsters.

The successful designer — and No Doubt frontwoman — announced today that she’s partnering with Target to create Harajuku Mini, an affordable, two-installment collection for babies, children and tweens.

Women’s Wear Daily reports the rocker mama is teaming up with Target to launch Harajuku Mini, a take off of her Harajuku Lovers young contemporary line that will come with a mini price tag, too.

The line, for babies, children and tweens is set to hit Target stores and November 13th, according to the fashion industry publication, with prices ranging from $4 to $30.

“I’ve always wanted to do a cool children’s fashion line inspired by the supercute and playful kid’s clothing you find in Japan.”

Stefani, herself a mom of two young sons, knows her customer well, and says the whole idea of the line “is about being creative, expressing your own individuality and having fun getting dressed.”

This marks the first time the designer, who’s had success with her L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers lines, has created clothes for babies and boys.

“Target has given me the creative freedom to design kid’s clothing that is different than most anything you usually see out there with great quality, attention to detail and most of all, available at amazing prices,” Stefani said.

Her collection follows recent collaborations between Target and brands like Zac Posen, Rodarte and Proenza Schouler, Petit Tresor and coming soon, Missoni.

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Modern Nursery Desgin Take 2…

This is Van’s room before the bed switch! He’s getting a big bed, and crib/ toddler bed is being reassembled in the new nursery for bambino #2. Check back later for the photos of his new room! Below are just some nursery’s that inspire me and get me motivated to decorate the new room!

So I am finally starting to freak out that we have another baby on the way, I am 6 months pregnant and haven’t really done a thing yet for his room! Yes I said his.. We are adding another one of those humans that come from another planet than I do to this household. I suddenly found myself worrying about making his room special like I did for Van. I want him to have his own identity, not just be the son who got all of the hand me downs and the stained clothes, and beat up toys. I want him to feel special..
So on my hunt for fresh crisp new little linens for my sweet baby boy to rest his head on, I stumbled upon this great site that sells cribs and the best little crib and toddler sheets you ever laid your eyes on! So I am just not sure what to get new sheets for the bed Van is going to move into, or new crib bedding to make the new baby feel oh so special! Anyways.. I will post more on this once I actually place my order and let you see some photos of Van’s newly decorated room!

More later…

Top image via my camera, bottom two images via flickr


So Thankful….

So thankful for our big family and our fun trip to Pensylvania for Thanksgiving. Thank you Mimi and Papa Mike.
We love u all.

xoxoxo Happy Holidays.


A Photo Scrapbook


I love Ben Watts work! I wish I had gotten a chance to work with him in the past but I still admire his eye… Check out his new book. Lickshot. I know a little place where you can buy a copy signed by Ben also.

The penguin shines across the loving hydrogen.


Ready, GO.

Well we have arrived officially. It was hard to say goodbye but we did it and by the time all of our things were out of the house it truly didn’t seem much like home anymore. It was hard to say goodbye to all of the people who we will miss so much. Friends who we will continue to miss and love forever. This is quite a journey. Tonight I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the dogs. they flew today and happend to be on a plane that got stranded in Texas for three hours, Zeke doesn’t fly well either. I know he will be scarred from this trip and it will take a little while for him to get back to normal. I plan on taking them somewhere to run and play tomorrow. Van is adjusting well, tonight he danced with a waitress from Thailand who fed him every last bite of his sweet potato and the band sang twinkle twinkle little star and the itsy bitsy spider to him while he sat in his high chair on the dance floor. He is happy and that makes me feel content.


Don’t try this at home

Today was full, and packed literally with things to do. We are weary and tired. I must say i will never again in my life pack up an entire house to move thousands of miles away by ourselves, with a small child running around in circles. Tonight when we got home from our little going away party. I heard Conner say to Van let’s go upstairs and get ready for bed, so I thought awesome time for me to separate the recycling. I heard Conner coming down the stairs a few minutes later with a huge box (my clothes) and I said “hey where is Van”. Conner said I thought he was with you. “uh NO, you took him upstairs to get him ready for bed, Hello!” Our front door was open so I immediately ran outside, and found him standing by our Pod (storage container) talking nonsense and pointing in the sky, as if it were some alien ship that just landed in our parking spot and is now sucking up all of our belongings and turning mom and dad into zombies.

I freaked out, but everything was alright. Last time, we will let this little guy out of our sight. It is soooooo difficult to pack boxes and be efficient with a little one running circles around me. It’s tiring enough just taking care of him! So anyways. The pod is cool and all that but having people to help is so much cooler.



Thissss…… makes me laugh.


Pick me a winner…

Today was one of those days, I cracked open a beer the minute the clock hit 5pm. I needed it. Van hid my phone today, acted like a mini tornado, missed his nap and then we had to take off for the pediatrician for some shots. So he was not a happy camper, did I mention that he is getting a tooth too!

One thing that is kind of funny is that Van has found his nostrils. I am not sure he knows what he is doing but man does his finger get up there….. talk about digging to china. I am just one of those people who doesn’t want my child walking around with his finger in his nose. Well nobody is. really. So I have been having some discussions with him about it and he just yells out random peoples names after we have our talks. hmmm We are spending a lot of time lately learning body parts so maybe that explains the exploration up into nostrilville. I did overreact a bit the first time I saw him doing it. I was exercising with my class the other day while discussing with them that this was happening and they were all chuckling, I peered over the stroller, and yep you guessed it. Digging to china…. So they all said not to overreact and just let him do it? Because he will think it’s funny to get my attention and keep doing it. So I ask you this do I just go on with my day and go out in public with my son who likes to stick his fingers entirely too far up his nostrils to the point that it looks painful and ignore it? Or do I say something to him and let him know that is unacceptable and inappropriate?


Happy Memorial Day.

Bembo’s Zoo is a fantastic typography work that plays with letters to create animals for each alphabet letter!


I am 1…

Van started walking today, it was amazing we were all in the kitchen. Mimi, Conner and I and he just walked right across the room like it was no body’s business. He seemed as if he had known how to do it for months, years. Anyways, it pretty much blows my mind to see this little thing walking across the room with a drunken wobble and a crooked smile. He is so proud of himself and when he sees us clapping in disbelief and sheer happiness, he claps for himself too with a puffed chest and a grin from ear to ear.

His carnival came to town this weekend and it was fun, just right for a one year old. He had all of his friends there to share his day with him. It was definitely a birthday that will be remembered for ever. Thank you all who made it to celebrate his first year of life. We really do appreciate your presence in his life & ours.

I decorated the house with paper bunting that I made out of scrapbook paper, hole punched colorful circle confetti for the table, and cut out circles for his home made carrot cake, out of fondant. The mini cupcakes were covered in butter creme frosting and sprinkled with carnival sprinkles. The cake balls I made were filled with choclolate cake and covered with candy melt chocolate and sprinkles. We did a weird kind of raffle & an animal cracker guess. The party favors were carnival toys, and recycled baby food jars filled with jelly bellies tied with raffia. To view more photos from the party click here &