Beach ball light’s

I love these lights, how amazing would they be hung in a nursery over the changing table…


70% off home decor

I’d like to invite you to join One Kings Lane, my favorite destination for private sales on home decor, accessories and gifts. Prices are up to 70% off every day.


Christmas is Here!!!

WOW! It’s Christmas and we are really into it this year. Van has a huge list of things he wants including some things they don’t even make. Like a small spear gun.. hmm Don’t think Santa’s elves are crafting spear guns for 3 year olds….

Anyways I have been doing a lot of my shopping on the CSN, they have over 200 online stores and they carry everything from handbags to tv tables! And most of the shipping is free! I just ordered some boots for my nephew and that remote control submarine that Van has on his wish list! Here are some trees that inspired me to decorate! More later….


It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…

I have been checking out the csn website compulsively to find a double stroller, don’t tell my husband he sees no need for a double stroller. But we have two kids, and one of them will want to ride in the stroller when he sees his little brother in it… I also think we need a new dining room table, which my husband will definitely not be on board about. But the one we bought a couple years ago is worked, and it is not big enough for a big thanksgiving gathering…

I had a stressful Sunday today, I popped open a beer at 1pm. I thought it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, and held my drink up high and said cheers to myself. Learning how to juggle two kids is no walk in the park. Every now and then you need to call your mom and resort to drinking.  But not enough that you can’t take care of the kids. I only had one beer and I felt better. Then I moved on to a whole bag of candy corn. So that was fun and filling.. :) That reminds me wouldn’t it be great if they came out with a candy corn flavored beer? I want one…

Sunday’s are supposed to be fun-day’s! So I shop online, eat large amounts of candy corn and say cheers to myself. If I had more sleep I would probably be able to write something a little bit more intelligent! But for now I will bid adieu.

Cheers -


Baby stuff, Bedroom Vanitys, birthdays and more!!!

I haven’t had my coffee this morning, but I know what I want to write about. Our baby boy is due in less than 4 weeks and I am finally in major nesting mode. My thoughts are consumed with finishing the nursery, packing the hospital bag, washing everything 5 times, and making sure everything is assembled and put together!

A few weeks back I did a post on Van’s room and how we were transforming it into a little boys room, so we could use most of his furniture for the new baby’s room. I ended up picking out a duvet set by boodalee for Van, and he has transitioned into his big boy bed beautifully! Apparently nesting comes with spending money! Since I am really the only one with a sense of urgency that we are having another baby in less than a month and still  have a ton of things to purchase, I am getting nervous…. The first baby everyone was excited and it was fun, the second one I guess everyone just thinks you have it all handled..

Amidst all of the crazyness I did manage to find something I can make room for. We had our bathroom redone a few months ago and now we have a fabulous space for doing bathroom things, however I need a little place just for me to sit and work on myself. A place to put my hair accessories, make-up and fun jewels. I never thought I would want a bedroom vanity, but this is one I could love!

I will post some photos of the completed nursery once we get the bookshelf and the much needed rug in there!

xoxox Blessings….


Modern Nursery Desgin Take 2…

This is Van’s room before the bed switch! He’s getting a big bed, and crib/ toddler bed is being reassembled in the new nursery for bambino #2. Check back later for the photos of his new room! Below are just some nursery’s that inspire me and get me motivated to decorate the new room!

So I am finally starting to freak out that we have another baby on the way, I am 6 months pregnant and haven’t really done a thing yet for his room! Yes I said his.. We are adding another one of those humans that come from another planet than I do to this household. I suddenly found myself worrying about making his room special like I did for Van. I want him to have his own identity, not just be the son who got all of the hand me downs and the stained clothes, and beat up toys. I want him to feel special..
So on my hunt for fresh crisp new little linens for my sweet baby boy to rest his head on, I stumbled upon this great site that sells cribs and the best little crib and toddler sheets you ever laid your eyes on! So I am just not sure what to get new sheets for the bed Van is going to move into, or new crib bedding to make the new baby feel oh so special! Anyways.. I will post more on this once I actually place my order and let you see some photos of Van’s newly decorated room!

More later…

Top image via my camera, bottom two images via flickr


Scandinavian Design

Super cute finds here for modern scandinavian designs…


arrrrr matey..



love this fun pirate and bird mirror…
check out the sale here they are only $18, but they are selling quick!


A Photo Scrapbook


I love Ben Watts work! I wish I had gotten a chance to work with him in the past but I still admire his eye… Check out his new book. Lickshot. I know a little place where you can buy a copy signed by Ben also.

The penguin shines across the loving hydrogen.


book of the day!


A guide, to feeling great, losing weight, and saving the planet!