Asian Slaw with Ginger Dressing

Asian Slaw with Ginger Dressing;

I made this today and everyone loved it…



Serves 6 as a side dish


For the Dressing
¼ cup agave

¼ cup coconut oil

¼ cup unseasoned rice vinegar*

1 tablespoon soy sauce

1 teaspoon Asian sesame oil

1 tablespoon peanut butter (I like Skippy Natural No Need to Stir)

½ teaspoon Sriracha sauce (Thai hot sauce…optional)

1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger

1 large garlic clove, minced

For the Slaw
4 cups prepared shredded coleslaw

2 cups organic washed and dried spinach chopped

2 cups prepared shredded carrots (or grated in food processor)

1 cup pre-cooked, shelled edamame (available fresh or frozen)

½ cup chopped salted peanuts (I did not use these but I know they would be yummy)

½ cup loosely packed chopped fresh cilantro

1/2 cup honey roasted sunflower seeds

1 handful dried blueberries




Ever since I returned from Puerto Rico I have been as sick as a dog…. I have had no appetite for 5 days now, I have lost almost 7 pounds, want to sleep all day long and night. I also have stomach and back cramps to go along with all of that awesomeness. Not sure what I got, my mom sent me to a Dr. yesterday that said I looked fine and took my temp and listened to my heart. I said I feel like I am dying. I am going to get some blood work done, but I don’t really have anything cool to talk about except that I just purchased the ultimate colon cleanse and I am excited to see how much it will help me with this crazy illness I have.

I have had several friends that have done the master cleanse and I am very eager to try that as well as soon as I get better…check it out
It’s gcrazy but I know how much crap our bodies store up over time and I want to rid mine of everything bad and start fresh….



Do you lay your head on the pillow at night, and your mind races with all of the things you didn’t get to do, and the things you did do? Did you do them right, did you say that right, did she seem weird when she said that to you? Judging, analyzing, stressing… Quiet your mind, get in control. Empty it.

I would pray for a while at night and I still do, but after my prayers are finished I move to a place of quiet solitude. A place within that is so deep, I can call it my own. This is where everything is for me, this is where I live. It’s not within these four walls.

When you turn within and take control, your need to control things around you suddenly seizes. This message keeps coming to me loud and clear. Your inner self holds the key to your complete happiness. Your life mirrors the way you see the world. Your inner happiness spills out to others and then returns to you. My husband has been telling me this for a long time now, and maybe it is just now sinking in. But everywhere I turn this message is right in front of me. I love this moment. He handed me his book today and had me read his favorite part. It was exactly this, we are on the same page.
I took Van to the Self-Realization Fellowship Ashram Center in Encinitas this week. I let him run around barefoot in the meditation gardens, while I sat watching him play. It is easy to quiet your mind in a place like this. It is amidst the chaos and the noise where we find peace, that is the true challenge.