LOVE is in the air…

Just wanted you all to get a peek at these amazing reusable bags from love reusable bags! One of the most inspirational/ creative minds I have ever worked with Grace Rogers is building this company and creating a beautiful image for their awesome products. Everything she touches turns to gold…

LOVE Reusable Bags, a fashionable eco-friendly alternative to the
traditional options available for the shopper seeking to reduce their impact on the environment.
LOVE Reusable Bags is the first collection to be directly marketed by American Joe Inc., the premier
source for accessories in the action sports market.

“LOVE Reusable Bags provide the perfect blend of style, utility and fun that our eco-friendly
fans have been requesting,” stated Vice President of Marketing, Grace Rogers. “We designed
this line with the on-the-go shopper in mind; functionality and fashion are at the core of this
collection. The bags look great in any venue and encourage consumers to reduce the use of
paper and plastic bags.”

With a wide variety of modern graphic designs, LOVE Reusable Bags offers stylish totes
perfect for everything from daily grocery shopping to weekend beach trips. The centerpiece
of the LOVE Reusable Bags line is the CHILL SET, a 4 – in – 1set that includes an insulated thermal
cooler with (3) sturdy, reusable and washable shopping bags (and room for more)
that hold up to 60lbs each. These truly are the bags you’ll never forget. You will LOVE that they
STAND UP on their own for easy loading, unloading, and smooth transportation in the car (cracked
eggs are a thing of the past!).

In addition to the CHILL SET, LOVE Reusable Bags will offer a variety of products including the
STASH IT, a super convenient lightweight shopping bag that stuffs into a small pouch that can fit in
your pocket or purse. The LOVE SACK is a perfectly sized canvas shopping tote with great ever-
changing graphic prints. And the WINE OH, a new cool reusable gift bag will make any bottle of
wine a special treat.

Ranging in price from $8.95 to $39.95, LOVE Reusable Bags is available in select specialty retailers
and online at .


Scandinavian Design

Super cute finds here for modern scandinavian designs…


In my dreams…

gh09_guest-br_01_wide_s4x3_lgpicture-3picture-6picture-1I have been marketing my blog all week and did not do much posting… sorry. Hope this will make up for it. I have been entering this contest on a daily basis so I can win this amazing green home…. Or you could win it too. The countdown is on! Enter daily for your chance to win the HGTV Green Home 2009 until June 5 at 5 p.m. ET.  Enter Daily.

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I was just placing an order on and decided to try these gdiapers! check them out. TRENDY and ECO – FRIENDLY. I love this stuff.

Why are gDiapers good for the planet?
No landfill required. 50 million disposable diapers enter the landfill every day, where they sit for up to 500 years. gDiapers are plastic-free, so they break down in 50-150 days. gDiapers are cradle to cradle certified which means that everything that goes into making the refill is reabsorbed by the planet in a neutral or helpful way. It’s very cool.

Naturally, best for your baby.
gDiapers are breathable. Plastic-free flushable refills keep babies dry and happy, so they’re less likely to get diaper rash.

Starter Kit
breathable • comfortable • easy fit
* Contains 2 ‘little g’ pants, 10 plastic-free, flushable refills and a H.U.G (handy user’s guide).
* Easy fit ‘little g’ pants are breathable, so babies are less likely to get diaper rash.
* Now in fun, gender neutral colors (genuine vanilla bean and golden orange).
* Each ‘little g’ comes with 2 waterproof snap-in liners to reduce washing.



* no elemental chlorine
* no plastic
* no perfumes
* no inks or dyes
* no latex
* no garbage, no guilt.

* Snug, easy, non-bulky natural fit.
* Soft velcro closures around the back.
* More stretch in the waist and legs fits all babies better.
* Comfy baby-soft waistband.
* No elemental chlorine, no perfumes, no latex.
* Machine washable.

Did you know?
* If you can’t flush? it’s ok to toss the refills because everything that goes into the refills is reabsorbed by the planet. It’s very cool. Or garden compost the wet ones. They’ll break down in 50-150 days.
* We recommend having six pair of pants on hand for full time gDiapers use.
* The ‘g’ stands for genuine, green, global, gentle, grassroots, gee. At gDiapers, we love babies and the planet which why we started a diaper company that is gentle on the Earth. Being from Australia we call it ‘fair dinkum,’ which means being genuine and real with everyone we meet. –Kim and Jason Graham-Nye, co-founders.


Earth Day 2008

In honor of earth day tomorrow, I purchased all new bulbs for my kitchen to replace with the old ones that don’t save any energy whatsoever. The eco-bulbs last up to seven years. So I am virtually saving 70% in energy costs with these new bulbs. The prices are usually discounted by the electric companies as well. If you replace your old bulbs with these new ones you will save money on electricity bills, use less energy, reduce your carbon footprint, and help stop global warming.
Van and I went to the beach yesterday and picked up trash along the shore. It was disappointing to see how much trash was in the sand. Go out and do something for your mother this week, she is so good to you!


Mod Tot’s

So Van’s Mimi is in town and she has been a huge help to my new little side business!
We went shopping for fabrics and many other fun things and we have been sewing all week long, well she has been doing it… I have been doing a few too, but mainly art directing. That’s what I do. I am going to be screen printing on them now that we have sewn several appliques on them too! I already have several orders i am so excited.
For all those asking about prices. They all vary and you can get one onesie with just screen printed letters or numbers/graphics for $15 – 20. The onesies with sewn and printed graphics are Around $25 each!

So it has been fun creating this new little line of clothes.

Van is already 7.5 months old, and I haven’t gotten around to putting a picture up of him yet!
So here he is when we were at dinner the other night!

I found some great little eco friendly graphics to screen onto my baby clothes. I have been looking fort the right one’s lately… I have an idea for one with a world screen printed on one with love your mom on it around the world! just an idea!

Okay so I have two ideas for the name of the company – mod tots, or butter beans! let me know what you like!!!