Ethical Fashion from the Himalayas

Eternal Creation’s range of fair trade babies, children’s, women’s and men’s wear is lovingly crafted and ethically produced in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas at the Himalaya Tailoring Centre. It is located in Dharamsala in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas, which is the political and spiritual capital for Tibetan refugees, and home to the Dalai Lama.

The aim of Eternal Creation is to improve the lives of Tibetan refugees and local Indians by providing stable employment and training in beautiful surroundings and promote friendship between the two communities.

Designs include baby clothes from newborn to 36 months, kids clothes from 2 to 10 years, womens fashion, sleepwear and accessories, mens casual wear and sleepwear.


Not a dry eye….

I hold your little body in my arms, it’s late and this is the time I get all to myself. When I hear you stir and a cry I instantly jump up. 8 months have passed, I feel as if I just had you yesterday. These past months have been a blur every day became the day I could make you better, your discomforts and cries left me hollow and weary. I wanted to fix it, make you better every day I knew I could until I would fall clothed onto my bed exhausted from trying and not succeeding. It wasn’t me, it was out of my hands. It took me so long to hear that message. GOD I was so deaf to you…..

I wake every night my mind racing with doubt and fears, this will never get better, when will it end. Why did I have a baby that was so unhappy, scratching, tense, that no one not even the body who carried him could console. You push me away in pain your fists clenched like the day you arrived into my arms. All I want is to heal you. Dry your cheeks. Whisper I love you and to feel your head rest on my chest.

I lay in bed at night and write to you, I love you little boy and I am so sorry you have been so ill. The first months of life should be warm, swaddled, and so soothing. I nurse you and that is all you want all the time & anytime because all I want is to see you content.

I have spent so much time with you these past eight months that I miss your brother, I hear him in his room playing when I am with you and I pine for him. Pine to play and read, and lie on his bed and tickle, laugh and butterfly kiss like we used to… I miss him. He misses me too, but doesn’t know how to say it. It’s been a very trying 8 months but, I see the silver lining. This was all a lesson in strength and faith…

I laid awake weeks ago, sleep was far away my brain active with worry and blame. I heard a voice that said as clear as a bell “how is your faith”?
I pretended it wasn’t you, maybe I made this up, maybe it’s someone else… Thank you for opening my ears and letting me see through the darkness that I brought in here….. The sun is out. Jet is healed no more colic, sinus infections, reflux, ear infections, constipation, or RSV. No more pumping you with antibiotics and every other medicine. You can breathe and I can lay you in your crib that has never been touched until now.

I can take back some of that time I missed with your brother and your daddy. No longer a robot operating on 3 -4 hours of sleep. I see you laugh and you light up my heart, you rest your tired head on my chest, your hands open, your tummy soft, and your smile, oh that smile – all I can do is smile back. We have climbed some serious mountains already little man of strength, and I thank you for humbling me before my GOD.
I am always loving you my sweet, sweet son.
Your faithful momma…
xoxo And now we sleep….


Scandinavian Design

Super cute finds here for modern scandinavian designs…


I want to show you…

These two photos were not that great, but when I put them together they spelled out the way I feel for Van so well. I know he’s going to go off and do his own things and experience the world. I just want to be there for him as much as I can.

I think this is probably the way he feels about me too, he’s so little in such a big world! He is growing so fast and learning so much! He says Cool, and alright all the time. He sings A,B, C’s and says HI all the time… The gift of children is the most wonderful thing in the world, they are little gifts from above. This will be a wonderful NEW YEAR.


Be Kind

First moments with Santa!

I got an email from a friend today with this quote at the bottom, and it made me think for a minute how true this is.
“Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.”
I was thinking we all have something we are dealing with, some people put on a happy face and never let you in to the realities of their life, that only inhibits you from creating a stronger relationship with them. Everyone is fighting some kind of battle, so why not be open and share them with others so you can get their feedback, grow a relationship by trusting in someone and vent all at the same time!

Everything is not perfect nor will it ever be, but being open and honest about life and it’s little bumps along the way is completely normal. I am going to make sure I tell Van this from now on too! Even though he is a little dude he should feel free to be open and honest with his friends and loved ones. That is what they are there for, right?

On a side note I am getting obsessed with organic food, almost everything in my refrigerator is organic, and I don’t feed Van anything that is not organic. Feeding him has been interesting lately, I mean how do you know when he is full, it’s not like he has a little flag that goes up or a thermometer that pops out. He just keeps eating and eating. So I guess I should just know this stuff, but it is really all new and something new to learn everyday!

We just bought him a new stacking toy by tiny love and it is really great he loves to play with the little colorful balls and shake the rattle, when you drop the ball inside of the tube the chicken makes all of this noise and Van gets a big smile.
I love all of their toys especially this follow me FRED,
An adorable self-rolling puppy that engages baby and encourages him to crawl. Follow-Me Fred features a multi-directional, accordion-shaped body that can be set to move in a straight line as well as in a circular motion. Speed control and colorful buttons trigger music and cheerful doggie sounds.