Pieces of my heart..

A couple pieces from my studio, I have hung onto them because I love the way they look in my house, but I am ready to let them go so they can throw some color into someone else’s nest.

For pricing please contact me @ dianne dot erwin at


She’s Fresh.

So here I am at 12:58 am, still awake. I just repaired some major problems to the site. But after a few hours I think I have it fixed now. Here is a preview. At the moment it is basic. I just got the framework in there and now I am going to spice it up with some design elements. It looks so stale to me…. But it has been a long road to get this far. Man building websites is a tough job, but I am slowly learning the ropes of the information super highway! zzzzzzz


Where you started!

art courtesy of curly girl designs


Babies love art

I have this painting of all of these colorful circles placed just above Vans changing table, so when he is laying there getting all of those diapers changed. Which is many times a day. He has something interesting to draw him in. He started noticing all of the art on the walls in our house more recently lately. He loves to look at the colors. I would say when designing a babies nursery this is one of the most important places to put something intriguing for their cute little eyes to soak up. It also helps their brain function better because it stimulates all of the different regions, and develops the fine motor skills

Here is some baby wall art from a web site that I love, piccolini.