It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…

I have been checking out the csn website compulsively to find a double stroller, don’t tell my husband he sees no need for a double stroller. But we have two kids, and one of them will want to ride in the stroller when he sees his little brother in it… I also think we need a new dining room table, which my husband will definitely not be on board about. But the one we bought a couple years ago is worked, and it is not big enough for a big thanksgiving gathering…

I had a stressful Sunday today, I popped open a beer at 1pm. I thought it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, and held my drink up high and said cheers to myself. Learning how to juggle two kids is no walk in the park. Every now and then you need to call your mom and resort to drinking.  But not enough that you can’t take care of the kids. I only had one beer and I felt better. Then I moved on to a whole bag of candy corn. So that was fun and filling.. :) That reminds me wouldn’t it be great if they came out with a candy corn flavored beer? I want one…

Sunday’s are supposed to be fun-day’s! So I shop online, eat large amounts of candy corn and say cheers to myself. If I had more sleep I would probably be able to write something a little bit more intelligent! But for now I will bid adieu.

Cheers -

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  • Medea

    Dianne-Hang in there. I promise it gets better, it takes awhile, but it does get better. As for the stroller, my twins have no desire to ride in one anymore, so if you play up to Van that he is a BIG boy and doesn’t need to be in the stroller you may be okay. If that won’t work, I would look into a sit and stand or something else that allows him to get off and on with ease. Best of luck.

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