Baby stuff, Bedroom Vanitys, birthdays and more!!!

I haven’t had my coffee this morning, but I know what I want to write about. Our baby boy is due in less than 4 weeks and I am finally in major nesting mode. My thoughts are consumed with finishing the nursery, packing the hospital bag, washing everything 5 times, and making sure everything is assembled and put together!

A few weeks back I did a post on Van’s room and how we were transforming it into a little boys room, so we could use most of his furniture for the new baby’s room. I ended up picking out a duvet set by boodalee for Van, and he has transitioned into his big boy bed beautifully! Apparently nesting comes with spending money! Since I am really the only one with a sense of urgency that we are having another baby in less than a month and still  have a ton of things to purchase, I am getting nervous…. The first baby everyone was excited and it was fun, the second one I guess everyone just thinks you have it all handled..

Amidst all of the crazyness I did manage to find something I can make room for. We had our bathroom redone a few months ago and now we have a fabulous space for doing bathroom things, however I need a little place just for me to sit and work on myself. A place to put my hair accessories, make-up and fun jewels. I never thought I would want a bedroom vanity, but this is one I could love!

I will post some photos of the completed nursery once we get the bookshelf and the much needed rug in there!

xoxox Blessings….

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