three years…

My little Van man is three tomorrow and I can’t believe it’s here. Time for school and lunchboxes, backpacks and braces, and dating, cars and okay all of that is not here yet. But I have been celebrating him all week this week and noticing what a good boy we have. His heart is solid and that I am so proud of. His personality draws others, and his compassion comforts…

I am so happy for all of the time we have had together…
We have another baby on the way too! Due in August so this will be a big year for our whole family…

I keep going back to one of my favorite photos, every time I see it or think of it I smile.. Our lives are so full of things to do and things we want to do, things we need and stuff we don’t need. It just feels so good to take time out and swing in a hammock, or lay on the floor and be with your kids. PRESENT in the moment…. Not Presents… That’s where you feel true true love.

Happy Day…. Happy Birthday Son, you are our Sunshine..

4 comments to three years…

  • Karen

    Congrats on the 3 yrs and on the baby to come! What a wonderful time for you and your family!

  • Adrienne

    Just wanted to wish Van a Happy Birthday and may his day be filled with sunshine, laughter and little smiles :)


  • Medea

    Happy Birthday Van! Three has come quickly on all of us. Congrats to your mommy and daddy on your new sibling coming soon. We know you will be a GREAT big brother.

  • Yay! Van is three! Amazing how time flys…And congrats on ANOTHER amazing adventure. Wow. August? Really? That is right around the corner!

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