reignite your red light…

I just love love love valentines day. I haven’t had much time to post lately but I do want to write about all of the things I love…

Heart shaped rice crispie treats, music that pulls my heart strings, getting a handwritten valentine in the mail from my best friend :) , red hots, our valentine tree (see above), clean jeans, my slippers, a cup of hot tea, foot rubs, movies when it’s raining, ice cream, the smell of fresh lemons, my dog lola chasing her bad tail, my husbands real laugh – yes he has a fake one too… Freckles, and sweet sweet kisses that smell like fruit from my son… ahhh

I wish you all a wonderful valentines day wether it’s with your parents, your boyfriend, your husband, your pet fish, or yourself. Take a deep breath and smile for love is in the air and you can smell it!! AHHHH your loved.

xoxoxoxo Happy Hearts Day

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