little guy ties

Jodee is a stay at home mom who makes these adorable ties for little guys and big guys too! Handmade ties and bow-ties for boys ages newborn and up. Each tie is custom made according to your specific size and color. Visit to see her adorable shop of ties in the best retro modern fabrics ever!

Her ties can be made in any of these sizes:
0-6 mo, 6mo-2T, 2T-4T, 5-8 yrs, 9-12 yrs and mens ties too!

1 comment to little guy ties

  • Marcy rose

    Hi, My name is Marcy. I am looking for a cute trendy tie for my 2 year old boy. Your ties are adorable I need it in 2 weeks. I am looking for something with navy blue. Do you have something like that?

    How long are your ties? He will not be tucking in his shirt so I don’t know what length I would need…8″, 11″? Any thoughts?

    I appreciate any help/advice you can offer.


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