Ever since I returned from Puerto Rico I have been as sick as a dog…. I have had no appetite for 5 days now, I have lost almost 7 pounds, want to sleep all day long and night. I also have stomach and back cramps to go along with all of that awesomeness. Not sure what I got, my mom sent me to a Dr. yesterday that said I looked fine and took my temp and listened to my heart. I said I feel like I am dying. I am going to get some blood work done, but I don’t really have anything cool to talk about except that I just purchased the ultimate colon cleanse and I am excited to see how much it will help me with this crazy illness I have.

I have had several friends that have done the master cleanse and I am very eager to try that as well as soon as I get better…check it out
It’s gcrazy but I know how much crap our bodies store up over time and I want to rid mine of everything bad and start fresh….

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  • Lulu

    Feel well soon!!


  • Hey, I’m Mike …

    Your symptoms sound very very similar to what I had around six months ago. Drove me to distraction. My doctor pretty much told me to get a grip. He really could not find anything of note wrong with me.

    After many late nights scouring the Internet highways and byways I slowly came to the conclusion that a colon cleanse could be the answer. I sought advice from a number of medical professionals since I am linked to the health care industry and every single one of them advised me against colon cleansing. They said there was no proof and no serious clinical trials had been performed. Pretty much what healthcare professionals usually say.

    I was so intrigued by all the information on the Internet about colon cleansing. And those pictures of people’s results! Horrendous but I’m sure most gratifying :-)

    Anyway I got my free trial (my name in the title of this comment should be linked to the same trial) and I gave it a whirl. Felt absolutely awful for 24 hours and cleared out completely. Within five days I felt like a different person. All my symptoms had vanished. All I can say is definitely do it!

    Cheers :) Mike

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