Halloween Costume HELP!

I have finally moved on past the feeling or not being settled yet for three months now, and I am on to bigger and better…. Um what should Van be for Halloween this year? I need a costume and I need it asap. I always wait until the last minute to figure out what we are going to be so this year I need your help…

Here are some cute ones that I found (Monkey, chicken, donkey) but I would love some more input… I don’t think they sell redneck costumes so we wont be going down that road yet! HA
I have one more year until he will be a big boy and then he will want to be something like a scary skeleton or a ghost – BOO! Next year he wont think being a chicken is very cool so I should milk it while the baby dayz are here!

2 comments to Halloween Costume HELP!

  • Nathan and Jordan

    I just got Kingston’s costume last weekend..he is going to be a professional boxer. I even got the make-up to make him have a black eye! Let’s just hope that he doesn’t go around trying to punch people!!

  • Nee

    Omggg! Where did u find the monkey custume! Its so cute! I want to get it for my little boy!

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