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Van received the cutest back pack in the mail from his auntie Kat yesterday! It is just like the frog one pictured above but it has a monkey! It is adorable I can’t wait to pack it up for our long weekend away! We are so happy to be getting out of here for the weekend to see friends that we miss so much! I need a break. Life just seems to overwhelm me at times, and I just keep finding myself stumped at how I am supposed to keep up with everything. I am working a fun freelance job, along with my part time job, and trying to keep up with my boy who gets a little spunkier by the day! Tonight I held him close to my heart and told him how deeply I love him. I rocked him for so long and cried a little because he is getting so big now and almost out of the baby phase. We are currently having our new home tested for black mold. Please keep us in your thoughts that we don’t have toxic mold growing in our home and we can stay here. If it turns out that we do have it we will have to move again. Happy Long weekend.

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