Pick me a winner…

Today was one of those days, I cracked open a beer the minute the clock hit 5pm. I needed it. Van hid my phone today, acted like a mini tornado, missed his nap and then we had to take off for the pediatrician for some shots. So he was not a happy camper, did I mention that he is getting a tooth too!

One thing that is kind of funny is that Van has found his nostrils. I am not sure he knows what he is doing but man does his finger get up there….. talk about digging to china. I am just one of those people who doesn’t want my child walking around with his finger in his nose. Well nobody is. really. So I have been having some discussions with him about it and he just yells out random peoples names after we have our talks. hmmm We are spending a lot of time lately learning body parts so maybe that explains the exploration up into nostrilville. I did overreact a bit the first time I saw him doing it. I was exercising with my class the other day while discussing with them that this was happening and they were all chuckling, I peered over the stroller, and yep you guessed it. Digging to china…. So they all said not to overreact and just let him do it? Because he will think it’s funny to get my attention and keep doing it. So I ask you this do I just go on with my day and go out in public with my son who likes to stick his fingers entirely too far up his nostrils to the point that it looks painful and ignore it? Or do I say something to him and let him know that is unacceptable and inappropriate?

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  • Vicious Summer

    I would split the difference. I wouldn’t act horrified, but I also wouldn’t ignore it. Maybe a “putting things in your nose can be dangerous because your nose is a sensitive part of your body” talk, rather then a “people will think your weird if your finger is shoved up your nose all the time” talk? :)

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