Don’t try this at home

Today was full, and packed literally with things to do. We are weary and tired. I must say i will never again in my life pack up an entire house to move thousands of miles away by ourselves, with a small child running around in circles. Tonight when we got home from our little going away party. I heard Conner say to Van let’s go upstairs and get ready for bed, so I thought awesome time for me to separate the recycling. I heard Conner coming down the stairs a few minutes later with a huge box (my clothes) and I said “hey where is Van”. Conner said I thought he was with you. “uh NO, you took him upstairs to get him ready for bed, Hello!” Our front door was open so I immediately ran outside, and found him standing by our Pod (storage container) talking nonsense and pointing in the sky, as if it were some alien ship that just landed in our parking spot and is now sucking up all of our belongings and turning mom and dad into zombies.

I freaked out, but everything was alright. Last time, we will let this little guy out of our sight. It is soooooo difficult to pack boxes and be efficient with a little one running circles around me. It’s tiring enough just taking care of him! So anyways. The pod is cool and all that but having people to help is so much cooler.

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  • stefan

    Van was talking to me, I teleported over to help, but saw how much work there was and decided to watch over him until you came out and found him.

    “yes van, if you jump just as falling elevator hits the ground, you will be able to walk away, no problem.”

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