I am 1…

Van started walking today, it was amazing we were all in the kitchen. Mimi, Conner and I and he just walked right across the room like it was no body’s business. He seemed as if he had known how to do it for months, years. Anyways, it pretty much blows my mind to see this little thing walking across the room with a drunken wobble and a crooked smile. He is so proud of himself and when he sees us clapping in disbelief and sheer happiness, he claps for himself too with a puffed chest and a grin from ear to ear.

His carnival came to town this weekend and it was fun, just right for a one year old. He had all of his friends there to share his day with him. It was definitely a birthday that will be remembered for ever. Thank you all who made it to celebrate his first year of life. We really do appreciate your presence in his life & ours.

I decorated the house with paper bunting that I made out of scrapbook paper, hole punched colorful circle confetti for the table, and cut out circles for his home made carrot cake, out of fondant. The mini cupcakes were covered in butter creme frosting and sprinkled with carnival sprinkles. The cake balls I made were filled with choclolate cake and covered with candy melt chocolate and sprinkles. We did a weird kind of raffle & an animal cracker guess. The party favors were carnival toys, and recycled baby food jars filled with jelly bellies tied with raffia. To view more photos from the party click here &

3 comments to I am 1…

  • Laekin Joy

    it was such a great party! i forgot our artwork at your house… I will have to get it from you.

  • Monks

    mmmm….cake balls!

  • Nathan and Jordan

    I am SO sad that Kingston and I missed it! You made everything so cute as I knew you would ;) I really can’t believe that these boys are 1 already! I feel like just the other day we went to the gym trying not to gain all of those maternity pounds!! Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY VAN!!!! xoxo

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