Van got his Rody from Mimi while she was in town and he really has fun on it, he is a little young for it right now, so I assist him when he rides on it usually. Once he is big enough to jump on I probably wont have to help him anymore.

I feel a little scattered today, thinking about going back to work after a year of being home with Van makes my stomach tie into knots. I got all teary eyed today when I was feeding him his lunch. I think he knew how I was feeling because he just looked at me and smiled. It is time for us to get things back on track. However something that keeps manifesting itself is that positivity breeds more positivity. I went out on Saturday night with some friends and we had a big talk about being positive and letting go of things that continue to eat away at your core. I am feeling fluid and trying to move forward in the right direction. I know I can do it, it is just a hard step to take. Probably the hardest place I have found myself ever. I will let the positivity prevail and continue to thank God for the blessings I do have, my husband my son, faith, hope, love, health, a roof, a warm bed & a family who loves beyond words.

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