toys "not" made in china

So yesterday I decided that I am not going to buy Van another toy that has been made in China, after seeing recall after recall I started looking up some of the toys that he got for Christmas to see if they contained toxins or lead. I found a couple good websites that have toys listed by brand or the country it is made in, so you can see if a certain toy is dangerous for your baby. If I can control what toys he plays with, I should be educated enough to know if they are harmful or not! Right?

Here is one toy he got for Christmas, and the materials it consists of. I found out there is arsenic in the handle of the book and chlorine on the plastic pages.
It is such a cute book with all of his family members in it and I know he likes it, maybe I will transfer the photos to a natural fabric book.

This website above oompa is great, they are concerned about what toys are made with and only supply healthy toys that are made in Europe or the US. I love everything on their site!

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