Santa Came Early This Year!

We got Van a play mat that looked good in the house & he really likes it, so much he pulls it apart and uses it to chew on. One of his front teeth is coming in and it is really hard on him lately!
He always has his tongue out now too! I ordered this play mat for his Christmas gift and Conner and I took him to babies r us and bought him some new toys… He still loves the wooden coasters and the cardboard boxes, oh and my cell phone is the best.

This play mat eye candy, and he likes to crawl around on it too. Every time you buy a Skip Hop product, a percentage of the profits are given to a number of organizations. In particular, a portion of your purchase goes towards supporting the Pediatric Aids Foundation and The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund . Not only are they helping out, but their designers are great. The products, the packaging, their logo. It’s something I love to see. A company that does it all right!!!

I have been learning a lot from my little blue eyed boy lately….
We work hard … and forget to relax. We need to learn to let go. Fortunately, there are small blessings in life that help to bring out the inner child in us. Children help us to let go and enjoy the day rather than endure it. They teach us to relax. They teach us to play.

While we all have goals and responsibilities, we should never forget that children are precious. They see things in a different light. Their curiosity makes them ask questions that may seem very simple to us, but enhance their very lives once they have the answers. We should learn to be like that. We should enrich our lives with questions that are bigger than ourselves. We should seek the answers with a childlike curiosity and spend more time observing the world rather than criticizing it.

Happy Holidays from us to you!!!

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