Baby Kisses

Adorable, Van and Kelton at the beach this past weekend! They had a little play date.

I made several neck tie onesies, I will upload a picture of what they look like. I put one on Van today and did a little shoot!
I got a great reminder today from my daily om emails “a matter of priorities” it reminded me to keep things in perspective and not get wrapped up in the little things that don’t matter. Today I needed that reminder as Van’s first tooth showed up, I was not feeling well, and Lola needed to be rushed to the pet hospital because of female issues that I wont go into! I was up a lot last night with Van since he was cutting teeth. I am a different person when I don’t have enough sleep, somehow I think the world is ending and I am a complete wreck. Needless to say “That which doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. ” It also makes you look older too!!

I wanted to share a blog I love to read Cool mom picks!
Check it out when you have a free moment!

Thanks for being a supporter of this blog, I appreciate it!

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