Rock a bye baby

Rock a bye baby, I love this kids herman miller rocking chair so much. The design is amazing. It comes in some really fun colors too! Check it out on modernseed another great web site for moms and kids.

Well it’s official I quit my job to start working from home as a freelance designer and art director. I feel good about my decision, it was a very hard one to make. My family will always come first. I don’t really want anyone else raising my son. I think this time with him is crucial in how we will later view the world around him, and me for that matter. We are developing a sense of security deep within him, and that means so much in this world. I feel confident I can keep working, so far I have already done one smaller job, but I am looking for more! I did a little photoshoot with Van yesterday and here are some cute pics of him, can’t believe he will be 4 months tomorrow.


3 comments to Rock a bye baby

  • Nathan and Jordan

    I am totally going to miss you at work…I am so proud of you that you made that decision. I wish I had the freedom to do that. I feel so bad leaving Kingston, hopefully it won’t be forever….Keep in touch and i love seeing pictures of Van, he is such a sweet heart.

  • Courtney

    Oh my gosh these pictures are TOOOO CUTE!

  • Vicious Summer

    Oh boy! I have a couple of small design jobs if you’re interested. Stupidly enough, I don’t have your or connors phone numbers (and my sexy secretary is in Puerto Rico…haha…just kidding Stefan!). I’ll email you in a sec.

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