Fireworks and freedom!

Gosh I haven’t written on the blog in a few days that is unlike me. I am usually so good about it.
Well, the fourth of july came and went, it is different now that we have a little one who hits the hay before it’s dark out. I didn’t see one firework this year not even a sparkler. I guess when your from Florida and your neck is a little red you look forward to seeing the firework display somewhere. I just realized it was this week last year that I found out I was pregnant with Van too. I was having fun on the fourth last year and didn’t even know I had a little tad pole growing in side of me.

Anywho, This picture is of Van on fourth of July giving it up to the girls that were surrounding him, he threw up his arms and said I give up come and get me girls!!

This is my buddy Ford with Van, we grew up together and now we get to watch our kids do the same thing, it’s pretty amazing. Especially when i see Kelton kissing my little one. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

On a side note our neighbors just got two pit bulls and when they play with each other they sound like terradactals… It is a strange sound. That frightens me a little.. hmm

I got to have a fun night out with the girls this past weekend, we danced for about three hours and I had the best king crab legs… We left the club we were at and I looked like I had just left the gym. It was a really fun night and I realized I need more of that medicine…. and I am not talking about my martinis and margaritas

I stumbled upon this web site and I love it for Van he likes to watch the letters turn into animals and I love the font they used check it out

Oh my mom sent me a link to this great web site too all about modern mommas and stuff that you would like to know more about…
Vans favorite book is hop on pop! it is one of my favorite Dr. seuss books…

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